Principal Investigator

Wolfgang Kelsch (MD)


I am seeking to understand how connectivity patterns are pre-determined at a stem cell stage and in how far these wiring patterns can be 'overwritten' by experience.
Research Assistent

Cathy Huber

Expertise: viruses, cell culture, molecular biology.
Present Members

Franziska Haag

I examine the role of dynamic dopamine signaling in striatal coding of sensory information

Lennart Oettl (BSc MSc)

I am interested in how the triggering of innate behaviors by olfactory cues is imprinted in the olfactory system by adult neurogenesis and pro-social signals. To dissect their respective function from a cellular to a behavior level I use viral and electrophysiological approaches.

Namas Ravi (PhD)

My research focuses on genetic imprinting of synaptic connectivity that targets new neurons to specific circuits. Towards this aim I employ molecular and epigenetic techniques.

Max Scheller

I am developing a system for improved detection of cellular plasticity in states that require behavioral flexibility.

Sebastian Schindler (BSc MSc)

My research focuses on the postnatal development of dopaminergic plasticity.
Independent Research Fellow

Sebastian Wieland (MD)

I aim to better understand coding in genetically defined neuronal ensembles during reward learning. The project is carried out with Thomas Kuner‘s group in Heidelberg as a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Medical Faculty Heidelberg.

Florian Bähner (MD)

I am studying the role of dopamine transients in rule learning and associated neural representations.
Past Members

Tatjana Golovko (MD PhD)

Patrick Jendritza

Zhijun Li (MD)

Manfred Oswald (PhD)